Vanish Cannulas

VanishTM: the nasal cannula so soft there’s nothing like it, except – maybe – nothing at all.

Until now, irritated ears and nostrils seemed to go with wearing a cannula. No more.

Using a latex-free new material called Silimer, the Vanish cannula features ultra-soft, ultra-pliable over-the-ear side tubes and nasal prongs that make it feel more like part of your own body.

The feature-rich Vanish has more thoughtful design advances than ever seemed possible on an item so basic: They include:

Silimer ear tubes – skin-friendly, ultra-flexible and ultra-comfortable
Curved nasal prongs that align to the face to avoid irritation
Safety ribbing in the supply line to resist kinking and ensure an
Vanish comes with either a two-foot or seven-foot supply line, and can also be purchased in packs of five or 50.

#1902 / single adult cannula with two- foot supply line

#1902-5 / pack of 5 adult cannulas with two-foot supply line

MSRP: $22.50

#1902-50 / pack of 50 adult cannulas with two-foot supply line

MSRP: $149.00

#1907 / single adult cannula with seven-foot supply line

#1907-5 / pack of 5 adult cannulas with seven-foot supply line

MSRP: $23.50

#1907-50 / pack of 50 adult cannulas with seven-foot supply line

MSRP: $159.00

Vanish users can’t say enough about being free of chafing and enjoying cannula comfort for the very first time.

On Vanish… “This cannula is a great idea. O2 users often complain about the ear and face irritations … These are really good cannulas. One of [my members] wrote to me that he ordered a case of them!”

– Vlady Rozenbaum, Ph.D., Founder, COPD-ALERT and O₂ user

“I would like to order a five-pack of Vanish cannulas with the seven-foot supply line. I always had nosebleeds and an irritation in one nostril, but I haven’t had a nosebleed since … honestly, they are very comfortable and do not tighten or put creases on my face.”

– Nancy E., Menifee, CA

“I loved the softness; the cannulas I have [been using] make lines on the face, and the Vanish felt so great on my face and ears. No sore ears!”

– Sharon Y., Florence, AL

“I love how soft the hose is on my face and over my ears. The oxygen provider was here today, and… I let her feel how soft the tubing is. She was impressed with the softness.”

– Janet

“This new cannula is amazing… can’t even tell you have it on !! Love it.”

– Pam