Tidy Tubing

Tidy TubingTM

. . . the well mannered oxygen tube.

Kink-free, self-retracting, quiet and odorless oxygen tubing

Long life– annual replacement recommended

Swivel female connector to connect to oxygen barb

Swivel male connector interfaces with standard cannula

Clothing clip at user end to eliminate strain and nose tug

Disposable nasal cannula with 2-foot supply hose included

  • #1833 Effective operating range of 5 feet– ideal for ambulatory oxygen systems. Perfect for portable concentrators. MSRP $29.95
  • #1834 Effective operating range of 10 feet– matches well with scooter or golf cart. MSRP $39.95
  • #1835 Effective operating range of 15 feet– move freely without tubing on the floor. MSRP $44.95