Station Master Oxygen Distribution System

Creates a safe environment for at home oxygen users!


Clinician designed system with four easy-to-install oxygen stations that can be placed in any room you choose.

One-handed connections and shorter lines that can be attached overhead prevent trips and dangerous falls.
It’s 100% compatible with most in-home oxygen supply systems.
StationMaster is affordable and offers a two-year warranty on all parts.

Reduce the hassle of long, tangled, and kinked oxygen lines.

Carrying your oxygen supply and long tubing throughout your home is not only challenging but it’s also a safety issue. You’ve probably experienced the lines getting caught and damaged underfoot or by pets. And the reduced oxygen flow due to crimps and tangles is not only scary, the ongoing frustration of having to move the unit and long tubing from room to room is tiring.
Developed with respiratory clinicians and feedback from oxygen users, our system was designed to give you the flexibility of having four outlets for mobile oxygen instead of just one. StationMaster can work with your existing oxygen supply system by directing it to any room within your home, allowing you to quickly and safely connect and disconnect without being tethered or at risk.

“My StationMaster™ has made life easier and activities at home more enjoyable. I can move around without all the lines and cords, and I feel safer because of it.” – Kim K, Tulsa, OK

Move from room to room without “wrangling” a 50-foot tangle of oxygen tubing.
the first and only home oxygen distribution system that measurably improves quality-of-life by replacing the single oxygen outlet, typically a concentrator hose barb, with four separate oxygen outlets located wherever they’re needed. And it lets in-home O2 users continue to use any of the popular home oxygen concentrators –

Minimal Effort Installation

Choose any convenient vertical surface near your existing oxygen system and install the Central Fluidic Flow Controller

Then, choose three additional locations within 100 feet to place Remote Stations. You’ll connect these Remote Stations to the Central Controller with permanent, transparent, and flexible piping. It easily secures to walls, baseboards, or ceilings with the included hook and loop self-adhesive patches. The piping can also be hidden in a spare room or space within your home.

After connecting the Central Controller to your oxygen system, you can then connect up to 15 feet of supply hose included in your purchase to any of the four stations.

Created With Your Safety in Mind

The StationMaster’s™ ease was designed for your safety and comfort. The system reduces the likelihood of tripping and falling over excess in-home oxygen equipment and uses minimal tubing thanks to each station’s accessibility throughout your home. Brass couplings provide extra assurance that your oxygen only flows when the cannula and supply hoses are attached.

Additionally, a two-year warranty on all parts gives you financial peace of mind if an unforeseeable repair is necessary.

The StationMaster™ is a product of Captive Technologies LLC. Our goal is to make life easier, safer, and more comfortable for those who rely on in-home medical devices.