SkyHookTM: A helping hand someone should have thought of long ago.

Skyhook is an over-the-head CPAP hose holder that enables free patient movement by keeping the hose up, out of the way and free of restrictions. The hose bracket is solid 18-8 stainless steel that ends with a 2″ diameter soft “U” hose holder, allowing the CPAP hose to move freely with or without a hose cover.

It can be stored flat against the wall or swivels freely and silently up to 12″ from the wall sconce, a circular acrylic disc 2″ in diameter and a sturdy 7/8″ thick. Clear, see-through sconce blends neatly with background and attaches without tools to almost any surface with a transparent self-bonding adhesive. Just peel-off film and press in place. What’s more, the bracket easily removable and stores out of sight.