Co-Pilot Point-Of-Use Humidification System

Prevents Dangerous Condensation Build Up In O2 Tubing

The Co-PilotTM provides remote control of O₂ flow while tackling the problem of tubing condensation.

Co-Pilot™ helps address the danger of oxygen flow being blocked by condensation in the supply tubing. It enables the humidifier bottle to be placed at the end of the tubing run instead of on the oxygen system at the beginning of run. What’s more, it also enables the remote control of the oxygen flow rate (LPM) and confirms the accuracy of the flow rate at the user end of the supply line. The remote control function can be used with or without humidifier bottle.

The durable Co-Pilot™ features:

A solid acrylic base which accommodates all popular bubbler
bottles (a 350 cc bottle with 6 psi safety pop-off is included)

A precision rotameter to remotely adjust and accurately confirm liter-flow rate at patient side – up to 50 feet away from oxygen system
An easy-to-carry design that is lightweight and easy to read.

What Co-Pilot users say:

I am happy to report that for the last three days I have been using Co-Pilot with great results. This is a well made set-up for remote humidification and control of oxygen system liter flow.

– Richard, El Paso, TX

My home medical company had to make an overnight call because condensation built up in my tubing.  The CoPilot has literally been a life saver for me.

-Clarence, Billings, MT