Bellhop Bags

The Bellhop™: like having a hired hand to carry your portable oxygen cylinder.

The Bellhop™ is a lightweight oxygen-cylinder carrier that makes carrying any portable-size oxygen cylinder easier and more comfortable. That’s because it gives you six different ways to carry your oxygen, and is a one-size carrier that will accommodate all popular cylinder sizes. including M2, M4, M6, ML6, ML7, and M9.

The six carry modes include:

Two horizontal configurations: shoulder bag or “briefcase”

As a backpack

With a shoulder strap for vertical side carry

In two fanny pack configurations, either for smaller or larger

The Bellhop Plus™: carry your larger O2 cylinder any way you want.

When you want the extendedduration convenience of larger O2 cylinders, without sacrificing the ease and flexibility of mobility, the Bellhop Plus™ is the one carry bag for you.

Easy-grip dual zipper pulls

Long-life reinforced seams

Discreet O2 tubing side exit slots just below zipper

Sports bag-like mesh window to view gauge status, while effectively concealing bag contents – no plastic to discolor or crack

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When your customers give you great reviews, you let them tell the Bellhop story.

On the Bellhop…
“I like the bag…very functional.”

– Vlady Rozenbaum, Ph.D., Founder, COPD-ALERT and O₂ user

“I like the Bellhop because you can use it with different size tanks.”

– Chris, Palestine, TX

“We used to joke with respiratory therapists about inventing a bag because the patients were so unhappy with previous bags. But they love the Bellhop bag.”

– Jessica, HME provider, Bedford, NH

“Our manager really likes the Bellhop.”

– HME rep, Springfield, OR

“The guys liked the Bellhop bags and we just ordered more.”

– Debbie, HME provider, Cathedral City, CA

“Love the product!”

– Liliana, Socorro, NM

“Customers… like the Bellhop!”

– Sonya, HME* provider, Wooster, OH